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About Kleimade

Hey there, and welcome to Kleimade!

I'm Kym - owner, creator, the person behind it all!
I was born and raised in Australia, but moved to Canada in 2010 where I married my husband. We've since been blessed with 3 children - 2 boys and 1 girl. My girl is partly the inspiration behind the brand name! Her name is Leila, and she makes up the 'lei' part of Klei ;)

I've always been a creative person, venturing into different creative outlets from photography, to knitting, to sewing, to cake decorating. Early 2020 I discovered this product called polymer clay and was super intrigued! Bought a sample pack, started playing around...and here we are now! 
All the colours you see have been mixed by me, which makes them extra special.

My daughter often likes to give her input on what colours to use, and which brass pieces, or jewels, should be paired with the shapes. So theres a bit of both of our styles in each pair! To learn more about polymer clay, head to the FAQ page!

Thanks for stopping by!!